Music at Old Salem: Tannenberg Organ Concerts

CL-150419-300The King of Instruments is in the spotlight is in the spotlight on this episode. The setting is the Visitors Center at Old Salem Museums and Gardens, where in 2014 they celebrated the restoration of the historic 1800 David Tannenberg organ with a special concert series. This program features two events in the series.

The first features Marilyn Keiser at the keyboard for Mendelssohn and Bach, plus pieces by modern and contemporary composers with Winston-Salem ties. She’s also joined by Indiana University faculty artists for a trio by Haydn and a movement from a suite by Joseph Rheinberger.

The second part of the program has Peter DuBois playing the renowned instrument for music by Buxtehude and Handel as well as a set of liturgical preludes from various composers.


MENDELSSOHN: Sonata in A Major

Marilyn Keiser, Organist


HAYDN: Trio in No. 21 in C

Marilyn Keiser, organist

Esther Kim, violinist

Joseph Kaizer, cellist


SANDRESKY: The Good Shepherd

Marilyn Keiser, organist


RHEINBERGER: Suite for Violin, Cello and Organ

Marilyn Keiser, organist

Esther Kim, violinist

Joseph Kaiser, cellist


LOCKLAIR: Salem Sonata

Marilyn Keiser



Peter Dubois, organist


Choral Preludes for the Church Year

BACH: Savior of the Nations, Come; Rejoice, Beloved Christians; Come God, Creator, Holy Ghost

WALCHA: From Heaven Above to Earth I Come

BRAHMS: My Heart Is Filled With Longing

Peter Dubois, organist


HANDEL: Concerto No. 4 in F

Peter Dubois, organist


PACHELBEL: Partita—a Chorale with Nine Variations, based on What God Ordains Is Always Good

Peter Dubois, organist

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