Destiny Takes Command: Verdi's 'La Forza del Destino'

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The Intro

THE HIT SINGLE: 'Pace, pace mio dio'

The opera's final scene opens with the aria "Pace, pace, mio dio" -- "Peace, my lord." Leonora (soprano Csilla Boross) is outside the cave where she lives as a hermit, reflecting on her love for God, and for Alvaro. She's distracted by the sound of fighting in the distance, as Carlo and Alvaro begin their duel, and the aria ends as she curses their intrusion on her "sacred retreat."

THE B-SIDE: 'Rataplan Chorus'

One of the opera's notable features is the inclusion of characters and numbers which seem to be present as much for their entertainment value as to further the story, demonstrating Verdi's genius for pure showmanship as well as moving drama. Preziosilla (mezzo-soprano Ahlima Mhamdi) leads one of those numbers to end Act Three -- the rousing "Rataplan Chorus."