History with a Twist: Donizetti's 'Roberto Devereux'

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THE HIT SINGLE:  Trio -- "Scellerato! Malvagio!"

Act Two wraps up with a furious trio for Nottingham (baritone Marco Caria), Elizabeth (soprano Mariella Devia) and Devereux (tenor Gregory Kunde).  Nottingham kicks it off by declaring that a great evil is hand -- "Scellerato! malvagio!" -- while Devereux realizes he's lost everything and the enraged queen signs his death warrant.  

THE B SIDE:  Duet -- "A Horrible Truth"

The opera's main conflict is voiced in an Act One duet, after Elisabeth boldly asks Devereux if he still loves her and he admits that he doesn't -- a revelation she calls "Un lampo orribile" -- "A Horrible Truth."